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released 09 October 2012

BANANACONDAS is Robert Porte, Phil Keller and John Coyle



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Track Name: VEGA
it's been hard out here i can't take this january
passed out, beers, i think she had a bloody mary
hear it's cold outside, no one's trying to hide

i don't know what happened to my body
must've been that party, yeah, just some party
and I can't turn around,
I shouldn't have been in town

3 weeks later I'm back down the street
going to find my place with the factories, and
six weeks later I'm going insane, I'm going
head first from my nose to my brain

and I say "i feel alright"
start combing my hair to the right
i can fake it, till I make it
face plant right into the pavement

and I say "I see a light"
start thinking that we'll be alright
don't fake it, don't take it
face plant right until you make it

trying to keep warm in a sleeping bag
yeah, they call the police when you're trying to nap
and they won't try to know, all the things that you have to show

8 weeks later go back to the city going to find my place among the shitty people
and eight weeks later I'm back there again, yeah I; found my place, yeah I found my friends
Track Name: THE GARDEN
I think about you now and then
mostly when i see your friends
but that's not far between you and me and an apple tree
i'm mostly over you, yeah you're yesterdays shampoo
and I don't want you back, yeah you're giving me a heart attack

she's a little liar
she's a little lion

and I won't cut you down
not like i'll see you around
found a way to disappear
yeah, i'll see you in a thousand years
i'll see ya when the lights go out
makes me wanna find you out
but that's not alright
yeah, i'm hungry till i take a bite

she's a little liar
she's a little lion

and I don't know how we got in this mess and…